I Want to be Satisfied

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 6th September, 2009

Oh! I want to be satisfied! Let not the suffering be in vain; Let it not come short. That which I suffered for; that which I denied Myself for, I want you to enjoy the fullness.


For many, saith the Spirit, have only taken a third, just a little part of that which I suffered for. But I want to be satisfied! The full measure of the price that was paid on your behalf, I want you to enjoy; the fullness of all that was bought by the suffering, by the shame, by the humiliation, Oh! by the travail, I want the full measure to be enjoyed by you.


Let it not fall short; let not My travail be in vain. Let Me see upon the earth, a people that will enjoy the fullness of what I so dearly paid for. Let Me see in your life, the travail of My soul, that I might be satisfied. For as of now, I am not yet satisfied‚ saith the Lord. Let Me be satisfied