Entering the Promised Land in a Time of Trouble and Famine
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the  9th of December, 2001

For eye has not seen, neither ear heard, neither has it entered unto the heart of carnal minds that which I am just about to do. For it is not a thing that is afar off saith the Lord; but you are here right at the door. For before this time you were afar off for you have been making a journey, even from the wilderness into the Promised Land. But no longer art thou in the wilderness but you have come to a place in which you stand right at the door of the land. Yes! Jericho is about to fall, for this is the first place that you will occupy in the new land.

Yes! I will occupy the hearts, the minds, the bodies and the atmosphere of this land, even this land from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. For many, have said of this land that it is the land of corruption, that it is the land in which great darkness and wickedness reigns and even though that is true, that which I am about to do will totally reverse that which has been spoken of this land which I have ordained from eternity past. For I will occupy, I will occupy the air, and I will occupy the flesh of even those that have dirtied their hands with murder and those that have dirtied their hearts and lives with corruption and I will turn them around and I will turn them around and I will turn them around and many shall come and serve Me.

Therefore saith the Lord, I will have thee prepare thyself for this is the time to enter, for you stand at the door. This is the time of trouble for you have been troubled by bad leadership; you have been troubled by the house of Saul. Even as they troubled Israel in time of old and caused famine and caused all manner of iniquity to reign in the land. For remember it was written that at the time of Saul there was no weapons in the land for there was no smith in the land. For it was a time of great spiritual slackness and you have been in that time of trouble. Now the time in which you have been troubled by bad leaders has come to the end, even the time of trouble as I move in My church to change the leadership and as I move in My church to bring forth a glorious church that will manifest the fullness of My glory. Yea, the works that I do shall they do, even those in leadership and greater works and the unction and the anointing which is upon them will flow to the rest of the body and I will have a glorious church. But! saith the Lord, as you step through the door there will be a time of famine and it will be a time in which men will seek the word of the Lord from the North to the South and from the East to the West and they will not find it.

For in this time food will only be found where it has been stored up by My Josephs who had stored it up in the time of trouble. For in the time of trouble I brought great plenty food of revelation, I brought great stores of My word but most of it was wasted and most of it was ignored because those in leadership did not accept it. Yea, the stone, which the builders rejected, will now become the chief cornerstone. The revelation that was rejected in the time of trouble will now be your storehouses for the time of famine.

Therefore, saith the Lord, as you come into the land, as you step through the door and come into the time of famine, seek out the Josephs in the land and they will not be difficult to identify for they will have My unction and they will have My Glory and they will have My power such as has never been seen in Israel.

Therefore, saith the Lord, take heed unto yourself and take heed unto the word that you hear not only now and here, but the word that you will continue to hear as you make the transition from the time of trouble into the time of famine. For in the time of famine  some will die of pestilence, some will die by the sword and the death will not just be physical but it will be spiritual. For many shall fall away even like the prodigal son of old. Many, many, many shall go their own way and do their own thing and go back into the world but I will raise for myself a glorious church, I will raise for myself a church that is without spot, that without blemish and without wrinkle.

Take heed unto thyself saith the Lord for there are many, many that have not even born again yet, that will be a part of this glorious church. For they will come in in the time of revival and they will come in in the time of harvest and they will walk in My word and they will obey My prophets and they will obey My apostles and they will do My will and I will be glorified and My glory will be seen upon them in the land.

Therefore, prepare yourself lest that which is spoken in the scripture become your portion: that those who were last became first and those who were first became last. Is it not written that many are called and few are chosen? Yea, be one of the chosen few by making the necessary consecrations, by making the necessary dedications to enter into the kingdom in this hour. The Spirit and the Bride say come.

He that is thirsty let him come and drink of water of life freely.