Carriers of My Presence

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 8th July, 2009

In My presence there is fullness of strength, light and joy, and I have invited you, saith the Lord, I have invited you. I have shown you the way to live constantly in My presence. For in My Word I have said, if you will keep My commandment, even the commandment of life; the commandment of the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, then My father and I will come and We will make Our abode with you, and you will be a carrier of My presence and where you go, I will go; when you speak, I will speak; when you touch men, I will touch men.
My presence will be with you all the time. It will not be just when you are in church, assembled together, but it will be with you day and night. It will be with you in the office; it will be with you by the way and you will come to be known as one that carries the presence of God, even Jehovah Shammah. And men will speak and say, Yes! The Lord is there; the Lord is always there when that one comes and this one comes.
Yes! This will be the day of My glory, for My Glory will be your rearguard and your righteousness will go before thee, and I will speak to you in your ears. ”This is the way, walk in it.” And you will know when to talk and when to be silent; you will know when to be good and when to be severe; you will know, you will understand and feel My every move and My every impulse; My every emotion and My every impulse and you will be able to transmit the same unto men and men shall come to know that you are the one with whom God is always present.


Come! I invite you, saith the Spirit, Live in My presence; cultivate My presence, walk with Me by My Blood, by My Word and by My Spirit. These things are now available unto you and I call you: come up hither; walk in these things.”



“This is the great destiny that I have for you in this 3rd day. For men on earth today need me, they need My presence in manifestation and I have called you to manifest the same, saith the Spirit.