(mr 01/07/18)

I have been preaching about this for many years, but the way the Lord brought it to me is much clearer and more comprehensive than anything I had done before and the Lord has asked me to preach and teach it in the same light and understanding. Hence this message.

It is a message that we need to imbibe, because it will take us into the fullness of our destiny for the rest of our Christian lives. It is a comprehensive message, by the grace and mercy of God that encapsulates the whole counsel of God in a very compact and concise manner.

Matthew 5: 17-18 KJV: Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. (18) For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till ALL be fulfilled.

He says ‘think not’; in other words, there is possibility or tendency for us to think this way. Sadly, many Christians do think like this!

There are not many times in the scripture that the Lord Jesus uses the word ‘Verily’! Whenever He does, it means He is about to say something that is wonderful, that if it was not Him who said it, and He didn’t add the ‘Verily’, it would be very difficult to believe His statement.

The Lord Jesus’ middle name is ‘Truth’. Therefore in one sense, it is ‘The Truth’ saying, “I am telling you the truth”. This gives a “double emphasis” because what He is saying, the ordinary human mind will find it extremely difficult to believe or to accept. Therefore, He qualifies what He is saying (even though He cannot lie) by saying, “I am not joking; this is the truth”.

At the end of the age, the heavens and earth are going to pass away for new heavens and a new earth to come (Isaiah 66:22; 2Peter3: 13), but before that happens, everything in God’s Word is going to be fulfilled. Papa Kenneth Hagin said many years ago that everything in the Bible is going to happen to you one way or the other, why not let the good part happen to you! Whether you believe the Bible or not will not do away with its reality and veracity! And as for the fact that it is going to come to pass in your life, the question is, “Which part of His Word do you choose?” The coming to pass is incontestable: the Word of God is coming to pass!

I want to make a statement that has encouraged my heart over the years and it is about the nation of Israel. Even if you don’t believe anything the Bible says, just look at Israel!

Israel’s existence and its current position in the world against all odds is enough to let you know that the God of Israel, the God of the Bible must be the true and the living God. I encourage you to go and read the history of what God did in the past (history is actually His Story!).

I was looking at some documentaries about Israel when I was preparing for this message. Israel was founded 70 years ago this year. Independence was declared May 14, 1948.

In 1947, when the UN declared Israel as a nation, all the Arab states: Iran, Jordan, Iraq etc., did not agree. Over 50 million Arabs immediately declared war against the state of Israel. At that time, the state of Israel was no more than a few hundred thousand. It looked as if it was going to be a total annihilation! Israel was just a new nation without weapons, no standing army; they had nothing. They had just come out from the Holocaust. It was just a rag-tag army. Everybody thought it was going to be over in a week. But there is a God in heaven Who watches over His Word to perform it (Jer.1: 12)!

I read Derek Prince’s book called ‘Shaping History through Fasting and Prayer’. Derek happened to be in Israel at that time; he had served as a British soldier during World War II under Field Marshall Montgomery as a hospital attendant. After the war in 1948, he stayed back in Palestine. He was married to an Israeli lady and they were living in Jerusalem at the time when independence was proclaimed. In Derek Prince’s story, their house was 300-400 yards to the war front. Derek Prince and his wife had been praying for Israel. He said that one day, some of the young Israeli soldiers came and said, something wonderful was happening: that many Arab soldiers would come against them outnumbering them ten to one, but all of a sudden, they would be seem to be paralyzed in response to a prayer by Derek Prince and his wife! The young soldiers said, that this happened so many times, and that was why they were able to push the Arabs back. It doesn’t make any sense in the natural, but those were angels on assignment at work!

Not one jot, not one tittle will pass away until ALL be fulfilled!

God had said, “I will bring them back and establish them in the land’ (Ezk.36: 24, 28). Later, God used the United States of America came to their aid and gave them more weapons, but it was all God alone initially with very few weapons.

These and other events tell me that there is nothing in the Bible that will not come to pass. If God can do it for Israel, then our own promises are easy, because theirs was against all odds! Today, Israel is an industrial, scientific, and military powerhouse! It is one of the most powerful nations in the earth; they don’t make noise, but everybody knows that Israel has nuclear weapons and for those who have ears to hear, ‘Do not mess with Israel!’

An American was giving a report on Israel about the F16 warplane, one of the most sophisticated planes the Americans had at that time which they sold to the Israelis and which they used against Arabs. He was commenting that even they, the Americans who made the planes, can’t fly them the way the Israelis do! This is God giving Israel supernatural wisdom and ability to excel!

Many people that visit Israel say the place is a miracle! As a desert nation, they have perfected the art of irrigation; they don’t allow one drop of water to waste! It is beyond them, it is the ability of the mind of Christ in a small way. Check Nobel Prize laureates; about 22.5% of Nobel Prizes go to those with Jewish ancestry!

This is God’s Word being fulfilled to a backsliding, rebellious, disobedient people because of their fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who are looking at God’s face in heaven every day. The promise was made to their fathers:

Romans 11:28 KJV: As concerning the gospel, [they are] enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, [they are] beloved for the fathers’ sakes.

If God can be faithful to the natural, disobedient Israel for their fathers’ sakes, what will He do to the spiritual Israel, Zion, because of our own Father? Whose name is Jesus! He Who ever liveth to make intercession for us and is able to save us to the uttermost!

I am fully persuaded (Rom. 4: 21) that no jot, no tittle of the Word will fail until all is fulfilled and God has given us a time frame: until the age closes. Therefore, between now and the close of the age, everything that has not been fulfilled will be fulfilled! I am eager to see what God will do for Zion!