Power To Get Wealth 2
(week 50/07)
Olubi Johnson

In our article last week we saw that God is giving us power: the creativity, ability and skill to create wealth, in this 3rd. day that will be unprecedented (Luke 11.31, Colossians 1.27) in human history.

The purpose of this wealth is to establish God’s covenant: the writing of God’s law of love on the will, mind and emotions of men (Heb. 8.10), on the earth, by the preaching and demonstration of gospel of Kingdom to every tribe, tongue and kindred (Matthew 24.14).

We also saw that for us to enter this financial promised land we must go through a wilderness‚ during which time the pride in our souls is removed and our souls are made prosperous so we can handle this great creative wealth without it causing us to forget God and slip into idolatry, which is covetousness (Colossians 3.5) and self indulgence like Solomon did (1 Kings 11.1).

Now it is necessary to understand how we are to get this power and it‚ attendant creative wealth.

To obtain the power to create wealth you must:

1.Sow (2 Corinthians 9.6-10) financial seeds by giving your tithes and offerings promptly, completely and regularly.

2. Water (Psalms 1.1-3) these financial seeds by walking and praying in the spirit fervently and effectually.

3. Harvest these financial seeds by practicing and investing in honest ventures (Titus 3.14).In the area of harvesting by practicing and investing in honest ventures it is instructive to observe the following:

The ventures must be honest. God will not bless dishonest or exploitative business activities. For example things like the sale of illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex and pornography etc will not receive God blessings.

In fact, in this 3rd day, as the Church becomes more powerful financially, socially and politically by the operation of governmental anointings, dishonest and socially and physically harmful ventures, businesses and industries will collapse as they will financially atrophy as a result of market forces, being controlled by the perfect Church.

Also, it will be vital to have the wisdom of God to know what, when and how much to practice and invest in, as mergers and acquisitions will be taking place, remotely controlled now by the power of Holy Spirit, through the perfect Church, rather than by Satan (Psalms 73.2, Ezekiel 28. 16-18, Revelation 18.12-15) as it has been to a great degree hitherto.

The true riches at this time will be the wisdom of God and not just money. So if you are not faithful in giving your money in tithes and offerings, you will not be entrusted with the true riches (Luke 16.11-12) of the wisdom of God to know what to practice and invest in and over time your money will lose it value.

Finally, remember it is God alone that can give you the power or creativity, wisdom, skill and ability to create, increase and maintain the wealth that will dominate the nations, causing the Kingdom of God to come and His will to be done, tasting of the powers of the age to come before the Lord Jesus returns at the rapture.