Perfection Revealed in the Tabernacle of Moses 3
(week 44/06)

Olubi Johnson

We continue our study of how to progressively grow into the perfection as revealed in the Tabernacle of Moses.

Last week we saw how to operate in the Outer Court; This week, we will examine Holy Place operation.

The Holy Place

From the Outer Court you then proceed into the Holy Place. In the Holy Place there are three important items, namely: the candlestick, the shewbread and the altar of incense. The candlestick represents the experience of the Christian who is serious about the Word of God and does not sin habitually. He also prays in the Spirit continuously (without interruption by praying in the understanding) for at least one hour as a daily habit and so is receiving some degree of revelation knowledge from the Word of God.

Matthew 26:40-41 KJV: And he cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour? Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Luke 9:23 KJV: And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

1Corinthians 14:2 KJV: For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.

1Corinthians 2:7 KJV: But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden (from those in the outer court) wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory:

1Corinthians 2:10 KJV: But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.

Ephesians 1:17-18 KJV: That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory

A step further is the Christian who is living at the stage represented by the shewbread. He does everything the candlestick Christian does but in addition he fasts on a regular basis and so he gets deeper revelation from the Word of God than the Christian at the candlestick level.

2Corinthians 11:27 KJV: In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness.

Isaiah 58:6 KJV: Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?

Isaiah 58:8 KJV: Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy rereward.

Progressing yet further, you will come to the altar of incense. This represents the Christian who in addition to doing all that the other levels are doing, is praying with travail and all types of prayer in the spirit as a daily habit, such that the nature of Christ: eternal life, living water is operating effectively in his soul and flesh (Galatians 4:19; Ephesians 6:18). The nature of Christ is being formed in the soul and body though not yet completely.

The altar of incense represents prayer with all types of prayer in the Spirit.

Revelation 5:8 NIV: And when he had taken it, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.

Revelation 8:3 KJV: And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne.

Ephesians 6:18 KJV: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

Galatians 4:19 KJV: My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you,

Next week, we will examine Most Holy place operation.