A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 8th January 2020

The Word of the Lord has come to saying, Speak, son of man unto this generation.

This generation is yet to see and will now see what it is to be truly like God!

It is written, when Paul and Barnabas healed the man at Lystra, they said, ‘The gods have come down’, little did they know that they spoke the truth of My Word! They were not God, but they were like God and it is also written in the Word that, ‘I say you are gods and all of you are the children of the Most High.’

For this day and this hour, this generation shall see the company of My people that will truly look like God. And it shall be said of them as it was in that day and in that hour, ‘They that turned the world upside down are come to us!’

For with the wisdom, love and power of God, they will turn the world aright. With the wisdom, love and power of God, they will bind kings and teach the senators widom. Yes! With the wisdom, love and power of God, they will deliver creation from the bondage of corruption. Yes! With the wisdom and love and power of God they will bear witness of the kingdom that is to come; they will bear witness of Him that is coming and many, many, many, many shall be drawn unto the kingdom. As it written, “The abundance of the seas will be converted unto thee,” and I will draw by My Spirit many. For many hearts in the earth today are yearning and are seeking for Me, but they don’t know how to get to Me. But when My people will become like  God, they will see a sign post, and they will find Me, and they will come to know Me. They will seek with all their heart and they will follow Me, and they too will become like God and lead others to become like God! And so shall my house be filled and My purpose will be completed and the age close!

Therefore, Saith the Lord, “Arise! Arise from the dust, shake yourselves O captives of Zion!  Arise into your destiny and become like God! For it is for this purpose that you were born, Saith the Spirit!