A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 2nd Jan., 2011

“Yes”, saith the Lord, “your life will be a praise to Me even in this new year, as the light of your father David brought praise and honour and glory to Me in a time of difficulty for Israel, even so in this day of gross darkness your life will bring praise to Me. I have received this worship, I have received this consecration, I have received this dedication, I have received the fruits of your lips and I come down,” saith the Lord, “to work in you to will and to do of My good pleasure.”

“Yes!  I will work through those hands, I will work through that will, I will work through that mind, Yes!” Saith the Spirit. “I will think My thoughts through your mind, and I will use that heart, and I will use those emotions, and I will use that strength, and I will use that intellect that men may not say, “Where is thy God? “Yes!” Saith the Spirit, “as I was in David and I show forth Myself through David, in the defeat of Goliath that there was God in Israel even so today when men say where is thy God;” ” you will say “Look on us! You will say look on us!”. “And I will work through you, and I will work in you, and men will say “Yes! This is our God we have waited for Him,” “men will see Me in you and your light will bring Me praise”.

“Therefore,” saith the Spirit, “even as many have already started and many have already aligned themselves; stay in line, keep rank, break not rank, stay in the Spirit, stay in the word, use My blood, strengthened yourselves out of Zion. Arise! Take the light that has come and arise and shine! Yes! Indeed your labour will not be in vain, I will reward it, I will reward it, I will reward it with My glory so that your life will bring Me praise”, saith the Lord.