A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 13th of May, 2012

The word of the Lord has come to me saying: “Son of man, speak, speak to the earth and speak into the heavens and speak unto your people and say: Thus saith the Lord God, even the God of Israel; Shall the thing that is formed say unto him that formed him, Why has thou made me thus? For men question this day; they question My authority, they question My wisdom, they question the integrity of My word. But I will have thee know,” saith the Lord,” that as it is written, unto Me shall every knee bow and every tongue will confess. ”

“Yes! Yes! They will see My glory, and they will see My power, and they will see My wisdom, and they will not be able to deny it, and they will come and they will say: This is the finger of God. Yes! This is God and there is none else beside Him. For they will see Me in you; they will see My wisdom flow through you, they will see My power flow through you, they will see My glory flow through you, and they will not be able to deny it.”

“And then, then they shall say: Come let us go to Zion, and let us go to the house of the God of Jacob, and He there will teach us His ways. For many, many, many do not know My ways, they do not understand My word so they say, ‘Why has thou made us thus?’ I have created, I have made, I have established. My counsel and My will, will stand for I have determined it from the beginning and so shall it be,” saith the Spirit. “It is My day and it is My hour! Arise and shine with My glory! And put to silence the ignorance of foolish men”, saith the Spirit.