This is My Day
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 16th May, 2010.

“For all the kings of the earth shall yet fear My Name, and My glory,” saith the Lord.

“For this is My day, the day of the showing of My sons and daughters, who are like Me, and they will shine forth, and show forth the glory and the excellencies of My love, of My wisdom, of My righteousness and indeed of My justice. And the kings of the earth shall fear My glory, and they shall come and bow, they shall acknowledge, and say thus ‘This indeed this is the finger of God!’ And they shall say ‘Surely God dwelleth in thee.’ For I will yet get Me glory, saith the Spirit, from the heathen, for the heathen are My inheritance,” saith the Lord.

“Therefore, yea,” saith the Spirit, “take your place, take your place and let no man take your reward from you. Take your place in prayer, take your place in humility, take your place in love, take your place in righteousness, that My glory might be shown forth through you, that will cause the heathen to bow, the gates to be opened, the nations to be discipled and close the age.” saith the Spirit.