A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 15th of May, 2011

“Is it not written and is it not said that this is the day of the Lord? And so I say unto you”, saith the Spirit of God, “this is My day. For the Lord alone will be exalted in this day. Yes! As I revealed Myself to the earth as I AM that I AM, unto Pharaoh and his hosts, and the sound, and the news of My greatness resounded to the ends of the earth, even at that time, even so now in this My day, I will reveal Myself again unto all men that I AM that I AM, the Holy One of Israel, the Mighty God of Jacob, Jehovah the Man of War, who doth war and do righteousness.”

“Yes! Men will come to see; they will not be told, they will see. For My glory shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. And all the earth will be silent before Me  as I arise in My holy temple as I AM that I AM, Jehovah, the Man of War. As I showed forth My glory, My Power, My righteousness, My justice and even My love  to them in Egypt, even so will I do now to the entire earth. And men will raise their hands, and they will raise their hearts, they will bow their heads and acknowledge that I AM that I AM, the God that does not change, the same yesterday, today and forever. So, I call you My people! Sanctify yourselves against this third day! Set yourselves apart from the carnal and from the physical and from the natural. Seek the kingdom and I will show Myself mighty and great through you. Men will acknowledge that surely, I AM is in you,”saith the Lord.