A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 9th of November, 2011

“Indeed, these are the days of Elijah “saith the Spirit. “The days of Ezekiel, the days of Moses, the days of all the prophets, all put together into one,” the day of the fullness of My anointing, the fullness of My Spirit without measure. Yea! The fullness the God head bodily, manifest in the earth.”

“Even, as I speak,” saith the Spirit, “I am preparing Me a body, a body of believers who will believe My word, who will prepare themselves, who will clothe themselves with righteousness and the armour of love, and all the armour of God, that will be ready for the conflict of the ages, that will show forth My glory to a generation that has been lost in sin, a generation that has gone away from God, far, far from Me. And you will bring them back, by My glory and My power: for My people shall be willing in this day of My power as I show forth the rod of My strength out of Zion”.

“Therefore, I say unto you, even in this time of preparation; feast upon My Word, feast upon My Spirit, feast upon My blood. For I have said in My Word, he that eateth My flesh and drinketh My blood will have eternal life. Eat in abundance; let your heart be saturated with My life, with My power, with My glory. Fill your mind with light that I may show you things that others will not be able to see. For I will give you the eye of the eagle and you will see afar off, you will be made ready, you will be strengthened for these days of glory and these days of conflict.”

“Let not your heart be afraid neither let it be troubled. For I have said in My word that “Perfect love casteth out fear”. So let My love be perfected in you; let it run its full course through your heart each and everyday as you walk with Me. And I will strengthen your heart, and I will strengthen your body, and I will strengthen your hand. You will stand, having done all to stand in this third day. You will stand and you will be victorious; you will stand and you will show forth My glory; you will stand and you will save the nations from distress; you will stand and you will bring forth the gospel of the kingdom unto every tribe, tongue and kindred.”

“You have been born for such a time as this; you have been brought to the kingdom for such a time as this! Let not this season of destiny pass you by. Yea!” saith the Spirit, “arise! Take hold of My Word! Take hold of My blood! Take hold of My Spirit! Take hold of that which has been given and made available to you! And prepare yourself to be a vessel of honour, sanctified, meet for My use unto every good work,”saith the Spirit.