A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 7th May, 2023

The hour of My glory has come and the hour in which as you have sung, men will be amazed at My glory! The beauty of My Presence, the majesty of My Power, the excellency of My Wisdom will be made manifest for all the earth to see, both saints and sinners, like it was in the times of Israel of old; in the wilderness; at the Red Sea; in the temple of Solomon! And the word will go round the entire earth that the God of Israel, the God of the Lord Jesus Christ, the God of the Christian Church is the true, the living and indeed, the only God!

Men will be amazed at My glory, for I have come down like I came down, but now in a greater measure, in the time of Moses to set My people free from the hand of Pharaoh. And as I came down in the time of the prophets of old: of Elisha, and Isaiah and many others. And now as I come down even in greater measure as it was in the days your Lord Jesus, I will manifest My glory, the earth will be amazed, and that which is written will come to pass that, “Unto Me, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess!” And they will come and worship Me before you at your feet, and they will declare that, “Surely there is no other God; surely God is in thee!” For they will be amazed; for what eye hath not seen, what ear hath not heard and what has not entered into the hearts of men will be made manifest through My Church. As it is written, My manifold wisdom will be made manifest through My Church: the power that will heal the sick, that will raise the dead, that will cast out devils! And they will say, “We have never so seen such a thing!” And they will say, “Yes, this is our God and we have waited for Him!”

“Yes,” saith the Spirit, “they will be amazed at My glory!”