A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 5th of July, 2023

“Eye has not seen, ear has not heard: Yes! neither has it entered into the heart of man the things I have prepared for those that love Me; that will be made manifest in this third day. As it was in the time of Solomon and even greater, men will come from the uttermost parts of the earth; from the north, even from the south, and from the east, and from the west to see the wonders of My Church in Zion!

Yes! And there will be a display,” saith the Spirit, “of My manifold wisdom to principalities and powers, who have thought they had a monopoly of the wisdom that I gave them and that they then corrupted. But they will see an even more excellent wisdom that will come forth from My Church; and men will come and they will bow before you and they will say: ‘Surely God is in you!’ They will come in chains; men of stature and they will say: ‘There is no other God; there is no other One, and that as it was in the time of Joseph, and as it was in the time of Daniel, they will come and say: ‘Yes! Your God is the true God; for no other One can show this type of wisdom and this type of knowledge and this type of understanding as you have shown.”

“Solutions will be brought to the energy problems, to the food problems, to the water problems, to all the problems that are currently assailing the human race. Yes! And this will make the Church the richest institution on the earth. And that which is written will come to pass, that I will make you head and not the tail; above only and not beneath. And men will see that that you are called by My Name, and they shall reverence you, and they shall be afraid of you. You will lend unto nations, you will not borrow! And all the nations shall call you blessed,” saith the Lord.