“The Gold, The Silver Is Mine”
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 6th of April, 2011

 “The silver is mine”, saith the Lord, “and I am shaking and will continue to shake all nations that the desire of all nations should come to Me. But this house will I fill with My glory; the glory of the gold, the glory of the silver. And even from the ends of earth shall they come; nations in turmoil, nations in lack, nations in need, in chains, economic chains, will come. And they will bow themselves at your feet and they will say; “Surely God is in thee!” And like Joseph of old, you will give them corn, you will give them food, and you will give them wine, and you will give them water, and you will give them provision, and you will lend unto many nations as it is written, and you will not borrow”.

“Yes! The gold and silver that I fill this house with, you will distribute it unto the nations. And then shall come to pass that which the prophet has written that you shall be blessed of all nations, all nations shall call you blessed and indeed in thee, the seed of Abraham, shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. And even as you do this, so shall My word go forth unto every tribe, tongue and kindred. Yes! Every tribe, tongue and kindred will see the light of My word through the prosperity, through the goodness that you will show unto them. Yes,” saith the Lord, “the gold is Mine! The silver is Mine!  I will fill this house with My glory and with that glory you will proclaim My majesty, and you will proclaim My goodness unto all nations in your generation”, saith the Lord.