A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 19th of October, 2022
I hear in My heart: “The days of heaven as on earth: Thy will be done on the earth as it is in heaven.”
For thus saith the Lord, “The day of the fulfillment of this Scripture is upon you. No longer will it be just a desire or even just a prayer, but it would now become an everyday living reality that My people’s days on the earth will be as though they were in heaven. And the supply of heaven; the wisdom of heaven, the power of heaven, the riches of heaven will be made manifest in My Church and in all the earth as it was in the days of Solomon but even greater! Men will come to see and behold the wonders that I will do. As it is written: ‘I and the children that God has given unto Me are for signs and wonders upon the earth.’ Not only will they do wonders, they themselves will become a wonder and their prosperity will become a wonder. And all the wise men of the earth will come, men of stature; in chains they will come and they will bow before thee and say: ‘Surely God in thee!’ For the days of heaven shall come upon the earth and My will as it is in heaven will be done, seen, manifested and experienced on the earth,” saith the Lord.