A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 29th of July, 2015

 “It is written that ‘In the day of Thy power, Thy people indeed shall be willing.’ And even in this day and hour as I show forth My power, and I show forth My wisdom, and I show forth My glory, and I show forth My riches in a people that will walk with Me like Daniel did, that will walk in My word, that will walk by My Spirit, that will come to know Me face to face.”

“Yea! As I show it forth, then many, many more shall become willing, when they see the power in manifestation. And they shall say one to another, ‘Let us go to the house of God of Jacob. Yes! Let us go to Zion; even to the house of the Lord that is exalted above all the hills and all the mountains. For He will teach us of His ways and He will show us how to tap into this power, and He will show us how to release this power.’ And then shall come to pass that which the prophet has said that, ‘The glory of God will fill the earth, as the waters cover the sea;’ for all the earth shall see and ‘be filled with My glory and all flesh indeed will see it together.'”

“And therefore,” saith the Lord, “Press in! Press in! Press in, in this hour, that you might be privileged to be a first-of-the-first fruit that will break through, and begin to show forth this glory, and will begin to show forth this power even in this day and in this hour. Turn not to the right nor to the left; let your eyes stay right in front of you; keep your eyes upon My word, turn not to the right nor to the left, be not distracted, be not disturbed by the things that are going on in the earth at this time. But rather, keep your heart and keep your eyes focused, stayed upon Me, and I will bring you, by My word and by My Spirit to that place of power,” saith the Lord.