A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 10th Oct, 2010

“Draw nigh unto Me” saith the Lord, and I will draw nigh unto you. Seek My face with all your heart and let your motivation be pure. Yes! let it be clean. Yes! Desire what I desire, even the perfection and the fullness of My people; that I would see My son reproduced in you, in His exactness and His fullness. And then I will begin to show you what men have always desired in their hearts, but never could see.”

“And I will make you My show piece upon the earth. My light and My wisdom and My understanding will lift you far above your peers. And they shall come from the North and from the South and from the East and from the West, like they did in the days of Solomon; but this will be far greater; for a greater than Solomon is here. And they will come to seek the wisdom of God from your mouth”.

“Yes! in every field of human endeavour. Those of you that are in the medical field, stay close to Me and pay the tithe of your time to Me. Take time in the Word and take time in prayer; and those of you in the scientific and technological, in the industrial, in the economic, in the field of literary arts, give a tithe of your time. Do not be like those who spend their energy and time for nought; give Me your time! Tithe your time to Me.”

“Spend time in the Word and in prayer, and the hours that are left, as you study whatever it is that you are studying, I will give you understanding and I will give you light and I will give you insight that will amaze your peers. And I will amaze the people around you and like Pharaoh and like Nebuchadnezzar, they will say, “from whence is this? This alone is just the wisdom of God; for where can this man gets this from, except it from God.” And you will become a testimony to Me and you will become a light, a light house that men will be drawn to in the area of your endeavour.”

“This is the path of greatness! This is the path of excellence! This is the path of glory! Take it!” saith the Spirit.