A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 10th July, 2013

“If you will learn to make prayer a habit, if you learn to pray when there is no emergency, if you will do as the scriptures instruct; watch and pray always, then in times of tribulation, in times of storm, in times of danger you will not be afraid. In times of tribulation, in times of storm, the power of God that has been released previously in the place of prayer will gird your heart; it will gird your mind, it will work in your circumstances and truly all things will work together for your good.”

“Yea”! saith the Spirit, “Take heed to that which has been spoken, for the days that are ahead, while they are days of glory and power, will also contain times of tribulation, times of storm, times of wind. For you are being prepared,”saith the Spirit, “For these things so that when they come, you will be well equipped, well prepared to take them in your stride and to overcome them. The mountains will not be removed for you, but you will thresh the mountains. The difficulties and the demons will not be removed for you, but you will overcome them, and in overcoming them you will bring Me great glory, and you will give Me the righteous reason to punish all eternal rebels.”

“Therefore, prepare yourself, prepare yourself now! Now! Now! Exercise yourself by the word and by the Spirit that you may grow, you will be strong and you will do exploits,” saith the Lord.