A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 4th of December, 2011

The word of the Lord has come to me. “There are many of you in this house and I speak to Scripture Pasture Christian Centre. I love you and I see your heart; you want to do My will and you failed. But don’t be discouraged and don’t be downcast. Like the Psalmist said: “Oh my soul why art thou cast down?”Don’t be! Rise; for the just shall fall seven times but he will rise again, and the prophet said “Rejoice not my enemy when I fall, for I will rise again.” Rise and take hold of the wisdom of the just.”

“As you go into the New Year, prepare yourself, for it is going to be My joy for Me to see you manifesting the glory of God as the glory comes to the church. And it will not be said of you, as it may be said of some, that those who were first became last. Therefore prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare” saith the Spirit. “Prepare! For these are not things that you do not know. These are things you know already. But diligently apply them. Keep the word in your heart; keep it in your mouth and the power to do it will be there. Watch and pray without ceasing. Let no opportunity to pray pass you by. Say not in your heart, “But I just prayed five minutes ago!” Pray again, so long it is an opportunity, pray; for in so doing, you will watch and pray and you will stay ahead of the enemy and you will not fall into many temptations that hitherto you have fallen into because of negligence.”

“Stay in the word. Read the word daily. Meditate upon it. Listen to the messages. Keep the word constantly flowing in your hearts and in your thoughts so that your thoughts will be governed by the word, and you will pull down strong holds, you will cast down imaginations and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ .This is My plan for you, this is My word to you, this is My will for you. For you have stayed with the truth, you have not forsaken, you have not gone away and therefore, as the glory comes, I want you to be partaker of the firstfruit. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!” saith the Spirit.