A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 10th Nov.
, 2010

“As I live,” saith the Lord, “this whole earth will be filled with My glory. Even as the children of Israel saw My glory, and saw My power in Israel, and even at the Red Sea; a generation that hitherto had never known of My power. They did not even know My name. And I sent Moses unto them and said: “I AM that I AM hath sent thee”. And I did great and mighty things which their eyes saw. And they saw Me afflict the Egyptians with a strong and mighty hand. And I bare them on eagles’ wings. And I took them across the Red Sea, and I took them into the wilderness. And I took them into the Promised Land.”

“Even so now, a generation lives upon the earth that does not know My name. A generation is upon the earth that has never seen My power. But as I live,” saith the Lord, “they will see My glory, and they will see My power, and all flesh shall see it together. Those that believe and those that do not believe will see with their eyes. And they will see that which I will do upon the earth and their ears will tingle and their eyes will see that which I have done.” “And their hearts will fear, and they will know and they will see that; Surely! Surely! Surely! I AM a God who keeps His word. I AM a God that watches over His word to perform it.

“Therefore, I say unto you My children; “Come close to Me, prepare yourselves, position yourselves that you might be carriers of that glory.” For I say unto you, “Know for a certainty tonight, that definitely it cometh! Definitely! The earth will be filled with My glory as the waters covers the sea!”

“Prepare yourselves! Position yourselves! That you might not just be carried with the glory but that you might be a carrier of the glory,” saith the Lord.