A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 20th May, 2012

“For very few,” saith the Spirit “have learnt to come beyond the veil. For many, many, many of My people,” saith the Spirit, “worship Me without the veil. For many, their lives, their worship, remain in the outer court. But I seek as I have said in My word, those that will come into the secret  place of the Most-High, those that will worship Me  within the veil . Yes! Those who by revelation will begin to see Me face to face. And I will speak to them as a man speaks to his friend, like I did to My servant Moses. And I will show them the secrets of the universe. And I will show them the secrets of the solutions to the spiritual, the mental, the emotional, the political and the economic problems of your age. And they will walk tall as giants in the land. Yes! They will walk as gods upon the earth. For did I not say, ‘I said you are gods and all of you are children of the Most-High?’ But you cannot operate as a god without the veil; you can only operate as a god as I desire for you to operate within the veil.”

“Learn to worship Me within the veil! Learn to hear Me within the veil! Learn to pray beyond the veil! And come into the secret place where you will see hidden manna, where you will see light, the Shekainah of My glory that will make your darkness as the noon day, that will show forth things that had been hidden hitherto. Learn to press in and worship and live within the veil,” saith the Spirit.