A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 5th of May, 2013

“The word of the Lord has come to Me. He said, ‘Yes! yes! yes! I was alone at Calvary; but today,” saith the Lord, “I am no longer alone for I have you: My flesh and My blood, My body and My members. And I call you,” saith the Lord, “like I took the fall, like I laid down My life, I call you now to join Me and lay down your life, lay down your time, lay down your strength, lay down your might. Yes! Lay it at My altar; that as I was used as a sacrifice to save many, you will be used as a sacrifice to draw many unto glory. Yes!” saith the Spirit, “I am no longer alone! Now I have you. I call you, I call you; the Spirit and bride say, ‘Come.’ I call you, I call you; join with Me, join with Me, and lay down your life as I laid Mine down for you,”saith the Lord.

“As it is written: ‘If one died for all, then were, all dead that they which live should no longer live unto themselves but unto Him that died and rose again.’ Live unto Me; follow My example, lay that life down, and I guarantee you,” saith the Spirit, “that as you have power to lay down your life, you have power to take it back. And I will give back a hundred-fold in this life time; a hundred-fold! For every minute you lay down, I will give it back a hundred-fold. For every hour you lay down I will give it back a hundred-fold; and I will pack it, and I will fill it with My glory, and with My power, and with My riches, and with My blessing. As I laid down My life as one seed and have reaped over the centuries so many-fold, even so as you lay down your life, you will reap it back a hundred-fold in this life time. Join Me, for I am no longer alone.”