A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 5th of Dec., 2010

“Intimacy! Intimacy! Intimacy! Oh!” saith the Spirit, “I long for intimacy with My church.Yea! With My bride. For you to come into the innermost chambers, Yea! To sup with Me and I with thee, to speak words of love, and the words of truth, and words of intimacy, and words of wisdom that is not permitted for those that are in the outer court, and even in the holy place to hear. I invite you,” saith the Spirit, “to a new level of intimacy; intimacy in worship, intimacy in the word, intimacy in prayer, intimacy in intercession.”

“Ah!” saith the Spirit, “I will do a thing in this earth and all men shall marvel, with those that I am intimate with. For I will speak to you the secrets of the universe and I will speak to you the secrets of men’s hearts and I will speak and I will whisper to you that which has been hidden for generations, and generations, and generations, and has never come into the hearts, or into the ears, or into the mouths of men. Yes! It is in the place of intimacy I will show forth these things and it is those with whom I am intimate that I will show forth My power, My glory, My wisdom, My love, My patience, My longsuffering, My forbearance, unto the earth in this hour. For you stand at the brink of the greatest hour in human history.”

“Ah! Ah! There are those who have said: “Where is the promise of His coming, for all things remain as they use to be.” But they are ignorant of this, that I have been working and I am working, working in you to will and to do of My good pleasure. I have been working, working by My Spirit, working by My blood, working by My word, a wonder, a wonder. Yea! Wonders in the human heart, wonders in the human will, wonders in the human mind, wonders in the human emotions. They are ignorant, for the work I have been doing, and I am doing is a hidden work; it is a work of the hidden man of the heart, but the day it will show forth is upon you. Therefore, I call you into the innermost chambers. Yes! Into the holiest of all, into a place of intimacy where I may complete this work of wonder and then bring it out for all the earth to see. So come and be intimate with Me,” saith the Lord.