A  Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 20th of November, 2019

 “I hear the word of the Lord come to me saying: ‘I want a double satisfaction’, saith the Lord, in seeing the travail of My soul on your behalf and being satisfied by your response, your consecration, your dedication, your diligence in enjoying the full benefits of all that I suffered for. And then you being satisfied with My likeness. So, I will be satisfied, and you will be satisfied. And together we will bring forth, and show forth the fullness of My glory, the fullness of My wisdom, the fullness of My power to this generation. Yea! To save many, yes! Many who are presently in gross darkness, removing the veil from their eyes, and causing them to come and eat of the feast that I have prepared, even of fat things, and of wines well refined upon the lees; and as they come they will be set free, and I will look to you and you will look to Me, and you will say: ‘I am satisfied’, and I will say: ‘I am satisfied with double satisfaction to bring in the harvest of the nations’. So press in! Press in! Be not satisfied with anything less than all I suffered for”, saith the Lord.