A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 19th of October, 2011
“Indeed” saith the Lord, “as you worship Me in Spirit and in truth, yes, even with a humble heart, I will open the door to My wisdom and to My light. I will enlighten your understanding, I will bring forth My wisdom into your mind and you will see beyond others and, as it is written, you will be at least ten times better than your peers. And your wisdom will exceed the wisdom of the men of the East, the wisdom of the men of the world, even as the wisdom of Solomon exceeded the wisdom of the men of his time.”
“Yes!” saith the Spirit, “the best has been saved for the last. What I will do through My church, even through the Zion church in this end time, will far outstrip what had been done in ages past. What you have read about men in times past that I did through them even in the past, what I will do now, will far exceed it. For you are living in the day of light, you are living in the time of the end, you are living in the time of the opening up of the seals of My word. What they in the past could not see, you will see now; what they in the past could not do, you will do now; what they in the past could not even imagine or conceive, you will conceive, you will imagine and you will bring to reality now.”
“Yes!” saith the Spirit, “I have saved the best for this very last time and therefore, plug yourself in. Even as you have sung to Me tonight with a humble heart, even as you have sung, worshiping and seeking Me in Spirit, seek Me in the truth of My word, seek Me with all your heart! Give time, give time, give time” saith the Spirit “to the word, give time in prayer. Pray without ceasing! Let My koinonnia, My fellowship with you, let it flow with you all day long. Don’t just have this time for Me and that time. Let Me be there in everything that you do; as you study, as you work, let Me be there with you. Let My Spirit give you light and I will begin to transform you, and I will begin to give you innovation and creativity that has never been seen in the earth before.”
“This is My day, this is My hour, to show forth unto the sons of men that which eye has not seen, that which ear has not heard, that which has not entered into the hearts of men, that which I have prepared for them that love Me in this end time,”saith the Spirit.