A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 23rd of December, 2012

“For I have not called you servants; I have called you friends, that truly you will be friends with Me,” saith the Spirit. “For a servant knows not what his master does but a friend; a friend who is a friend indeed you will share your whole heart with. As you come to My table and you stop seeing yourselves as a servants, and you see yourselves as friends, then I will share the whole of My heart with you, and I will expect you” saith God, “to share the whole of your heart with Me.”

“For there are some that holds things back; there are many that hold a little of that back, and hold a little of this back. But,” saith Spirit, “bring it all to the table. Like Abraham gave Me his son and therefore I gave Him My son, when you give Me your life, I will give you My life; when you give Me your heart, I will give you My heart. Yes!  And then we will be friends, and I will come like I came to My friend Abraham and I will ask ‘What do you think about this? Shall I do anything and hide it from My friend Abraham? And I will hide nothing from you,” saith the Spirit. “For it is written that ‘God will do nothing on the earth except He first reveals it to His servants the prophets,’ servants that have become friends. I will share My heart with you. I will share My purpose with you. I will share My riches with you and I will listen to that which you will say, for I will perform the counsel of My messengers and I will confirm the word of My servant friends,” saith the Spirit.

“Therefore, Arise!  Yes! Leave the mundane things of this earth. Come! Sit with Me at My table, that we might be friends in deed,”saith the Spirit.