A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 26th of Dec., 2010

“For you are a seed of Abraham, My friend. As I called Abraham my friend, even now I call you friends and not servants. Yes! The day has come where you no longer will be a child and a servant but you will become a prince and a king, and I will speak to you face to face, even as I spoke to Moses, even as friends will speak face to face.

“Therefore,”saith the Spirit, “separate yourself apart from the carnal and from the natural. Fill not your heart, your mind, your words, your eyes with the natural; but fill your heart, your mind and your eyes with the things of My Spirit. Fill with My word and I will call you a friend, just like your father Abraham was called My friend. You would become My friend and I will hide from you nothing that I will do. Yes! Important things in the earth, I will consult with you and together, We will decide what happens in the affairs of men.”

“Therefore, Come up hither! Leave the carnal! Leave the natural! Be no longer children! For I have called you a friend,”saith the Spirit.