A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 14th Nov., 2010

“That name will be brought again to play in the earth in this hour. For they would say; “Who is your God?” And you will say; “The God of the Bible, “I AM that I AM”.” And I will show forth My mighty hand and they will not be able to gainsay, and even the sceptics and the unbelievers will say; “This is the finger of God and even we cannot deny it.” As I revealed Myself as “I AM that I AM” through Moses to Pharaoh, to Egypt and even to the children of Israel therein, even, so now will I reveal Myself as “I AM that I AM” to this generation. Men will see My invisible power coming to manifestation in the visible and tangible realm. And as I arise in My temple, all the earth shall be still! For the day of the manifestation of My name, “I AM that I AM”, has come back and is upon you in this hour.”

“Therefore, sanctify yourself. Come! Touch not the unclean thing! Separate yourself! Be the peculiar people that you truly are. Live and walk in the Spirit, not just in the early morning when you pray; not just in church when you assemble, but all day long. And miracles and signs will follow you and you will not be the one seeking signs and wonders. You yourself will be a sign, and signs and wonders will follow you. And men will come to you and they will say, “Let us go to Zion, the house of the Lord.” For out of Zion will come forth the law of God, and they will seek wisdom from you even as they sought it from the mouth of Solomon. And they will seek power from you. They will seek healing from you. They will seek deliverance from you; for in mount Zion shall there be deliverance. For this is your day! This is your hour!


Come up to Me! Separate yourselves unto me! Draw nigh unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you”, saith the Lord.