A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 20th of September, 2015

“I Am seeking for those who will worship Me in Spirit and in truth,” saith the Lord.  “And for as many as will draw nigh and seek Me with all their hearts and worship Me in Spirit and in truth, even unto them will I appear in My glory, and all the earth will see it together. And they will say, ‘Yes! Let us go to the house of the God of Jacob.’ For it is said that His glory is being made manifest as it was in the days of old. And I will let even sinners see the fire of My glory and the cloud of My presence. As My worshipers seek Me in Spirit and in truth, as they sing of My glory, and as they sing of My praise, I will inhabit their worship with My presence, with My glory. And that presence will bring healing and it will bring deliverance; the dead will be raised, the blind will see, the lame will walk. And men will say, ‘Let us go! Let us go! Let us go to the house of the God of Jacob: for it said that when His people worship Him, His presence comes down, and His glory is made manifest and men will see it, and men will feel it, and men will touch it. ‘ Yes,” saith the Spirit,

“Draw nigh! Draw nigh! Draw nigh! Worship Me in Spirit; worship Me in truth, in sincerity and in reality. Let worship not end with words: but let it come from the heart; let it come from your life-style. Yes! As it is written; ‘Offer your bodies a living sacrifice, for this is your acceptable worship.’ And I will inhabit your praise, and I will inhabit your worship as you worship Me in Spirit and in truth.”