A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 22nd of August, 2012

“The word of the Lord has come to Me saying; ‘Son of man prophesy, speak to these people, say unto them; I have revealed to you all. Yes! ‘saith the Sprit’ I have not hidden anything back but I have shown you My heart. I have shown you what I am like.Yea! I have brought you into the inner recesses of the Godhead and I have shown you how We operate. And I have shown you my heart; even the heart of meekness and lowliness. I have shown you My purpose.Yea! I have given you My all.’ ”

“And therefore,” saith the Spirit, “I demand a reciprocation of your all. As I have shown you all, I want you now to lay all before Me. Yes! Like your father Abraham as was said tonight, even like Isaac laid all down. And I will amaze you at that which I will do in you, through you and for you! The whole earth will be marvel. Yes! They will be amazed at My glory that will come forth from the church that has learnt lowliness and meekness of heart; a church that has learnt to receive My grace in full measure.”

“Yes! A measure that cannot be measured; the Spirit without measure, because of the meekness and the lowliness of their hearts. A church that has learnt like I did, yes! not to hold anything, not to grasp hold of anything that they have, but to leave it all and to be completely and totally submitted to My will and My purposes. Yes! even those who will humble themselves, even those who will practice, and practice, and practice, and practice, and practice and exercise themselves in meekness and lowliness of heart, even them I will exalt, and I will exalt, and I will exalt, and I will exalt, and I will exalt and I will exalt. They will sit at My throne even in the heavenly places and exercise the dominion and the power and the authority that comes at the right hand of the Majesty on high.” “Yes!” saith the Spirit, “I have shown you My heart; give Me yours!”