A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 4th of September, 2011

“This My day,” saith the Lord, “even this third day, the day of My exaltation and all men will see. For My glory shall be revealed and all men will see it together and the foolishness of ignorant men will be put to silence forever. Yes! They will see Me in My righteousness, they will see Me in My loving kindness, they will see Me in My justice, for My glory is shining forth even now as I speak,” saith the Spirit.

“Yes! it is the splendour of My light, the brilliance of My glory that is shining forth, even now into the whole earth; into the hearts of those whose hearts and minds are open to Me, and from them it will shine forth into all of the earth and all men will see, and all men will bring Me glory! As it is written, unto Me “shall every knee bow and every mouth will confess” to My glory and to My lordship.”

“Therefore”, saith the Spirit, “continue to walk in the light as I am in the light. For your path, even this path of life, even this path of light is growing brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter, even unto this perfect day, and it will show forth, and at the end it will speak! And all men will see, for My glory, for My glory, for My glory comes” saith the Spirit.