A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 9th of July, 2014

“Draw nigh unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you,” saith the Spirit. “For those who draw nigh unto Me, I will draw nigh unto them. And I will show you My light, I will show you My compassion; I will also reveal to you My strength, the strength to love. You will love your enemies; like Me, you will love the unlovely, you will bless them that curse you, you will pray for them that despitefully use you. And by My love, you will conquer hate, and by My love, you will conquer strife, and by My love, My kingdom will come and My will will be done in your lives, in your circumstances, in your city, in your state, in your nation and in the nations of the world.”

“For in this hour I bring forth a people, a people that will understand and demonstrate, and manifest My love, and the world will marvel at the glory and the power that My love will produce. And they will marvel at the depths of forgiveness and kindness and goodness that you will show even unto your enemy, even unto those that despitefully use you. For, like Me, you will allow the sun to shine on good and the bad, you will allow the rain to come upon the good and the bad, you will feed the hungry.  He that hates you, you will feed and give them water to drink. And by My love, even like Elisha did, your enemies will become your friends. Yes! Even they that hate you, you will find that by My love, they will be at peace with you.”

“Therefore,” saith the Spirit, “develop it now, grow in it now, perfect it now; for you will need it in these perilous days that are ahead. As the nations of the earth begin to hate you for My name’s sake when they see My glory, and they begin to persecute you, and they begin to speak evil of you, and even some will try to kill you; you will overcome them by My love,” saith the Spirit.