A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 5th December, 2012

“Come to Me”, saith the Spirit. “Come to Me for I am your father and I love you and I care for you. Seek not that which does not profit. Do not run after that which will only take your money and leave you in anxiety, and leave you in fear. But come to Me, come to Me, come to My word  and do that which I have spoken and I will move on your behalf, and I will strengthen, and I will heal, and I will deliver, and I will provide, for that is My covenant with you”, Saith the lord.

“Therefore, stop seeking after the things that do not profit, do not waste your time and do not waste your energy after on ways and on things that will only take from you and not add to you. For many of My people, saith the Lord, seek help where there is no help, and they seek that which the enemy brings, and  things that can’t help them.” “No!” saith the Spirit, “Come to Me, come to Me, and I will help you, I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with  the right hand of My righteousness, and I will bring you into that large place.” “Yea: the place of victory, the place of triumph, the place of abundance, the place of peace. Yes!” saith the Spirit, “Come to Me.”