A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 5th of August, 2012

“Cast not away your confidence that hath great, yea! I say great,” saith the Spirit, “great recompense of reward! For you have need of patience, yea, consistency in My word, that after you have done My will, you will receive the reward, even the reward of the inheritance. For He that shall come will come, and He will come, and will not tarry. And He will come in the fullness of His glory, and in the fullness of His might and with the spirit without measure. And He will elevate you, and He will bring you to a level that has never been seen upon the earth before.”

“Yea!” saith the Spirit, “cast not away your confidence which hath a great recompense of reward; but continue, continue, continue, in the word; continue in prayer, continue in love, continue in the things that you have been taught, knowing of whom you have learnt them, and stay in My presence. For He that cometh will come, doth come, and He, in His fullness will not tarry,” saith the Spirit. “Be not moved by what you see; be not moved by what you feel; be not moved by evil tidings; be not discouraged and let not your hands be slack, for it is near, even at the doors,” saith the Spirit.