Bring Me Offerings
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 19th May, 2010

“The word of the Lord has just come to me that “In that day,” saith the Spirit, “there will be brought unto Me, offering of the people from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. And as you bring Me the oblation of your hearts; a heart that seeks truth, a heart that seeks the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, you will be unto Me that people: a people strong, tall in spiritual stature, terrible, a mighty army, from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, even in the land that the rivers divide”.

“Yes!” saith the Spirit, “Bring Me that offering now, bring Me that heart now, bring Me that consecration now, bring Me that dedication now, that indeed, I might show forth My power and My might, and the expressions of My love, to your nation, to your continent, and to the ends of the earth in this hour.”

“For you stand at the threshold of the greatest outpouring of My power, and of My glory that the earth has ever seen or will see; for this shall bring this age to a close. There shall never be again anything like what is coming.”

“Position yourselves!” “Yea!” saith the Spirit, “Position your heart, a heart that will receive light, a heart that will receive knowledge, a heart that will receive understanding, wisdom, and instruction and will act upon the same, to bring about the wonderful transformation I have spoken and prophesied about, even in the Word.”

“Yes!” saith the Lord; “Bring Me these love song offerings.”