A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 8th of September, 2013

“Indeed! It is required of a steward that a man be found faithful and it is written,” saith the Spirit, ‘Be ye holy for I am holy’. And even so now I say unto you: ‘Be ye faithful as I am faithful.’ Yes! As I am faithful to you, as I am faithful to My word, I require that you be faithful to Me,” saith the Spirit, “faithful to your vows, faithful to your commitments, faithful to My covenant. For as you are faithful even as I am faithful, then you will reap the blessing of faithfulness. For is it not written in My word that, ‘a faithful man shall abound with blessings?’ Yes! As you are faithful you will receive the blessing even life forever more, you will possess the gate of your enemies, and you will be a blessing to all of the nations of the earth. For as I release the spirit without measure in physical manifestation for men to see, it will be released through My servants that have been found faithful.”

“Therefore, walk with Me with all your heart; be faithful in your commitments, be faithful in your vows, be faithful in that which you have spoken unto Me in the deep recesses of your hearts, and in the place of your closet. As you have said it, do it,” saith the Spirit. “Practise it,” saith the Spirit, “and you will see My faithfulness arise on your behalf. For it is written in stewards it is required that a man be found faithful. Be faithful even as I am faithful,”saith the Lord.