A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 28th November, 2012

The word of the Lord has come to Me saying: “Son of man speak unto these people even to the daughter, the virgin daughter of Zion from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, in the land which the rivers divide. And say unto her: “Be not anxious and be not fretful, and have no anxiety about your land, and about your nation and about My glory even in this hour. For that which I have spoken from ancient times, I am watching over even now to perform. But as it is written in My word; be careful for nothing but in everything with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make your request known”

“Yea! Continue to pray for your land and My peace that passes all understanding will keep your heart and will keep your mind. And you will see Me move. Yea” saith the Spirit, “yes it shall happen before your very eyes, even in this hour and you will see Me move on the political realm, and you will see Me move even in My church, and you will see Me cause a change of guard, a change of leadership both in the Spirit as well as in the political realm. And it will bring about the flow of My glory, for it will come from the head; the wisdom, the power, the ability, the righteousness will flow from the head, and it will flow to the rest of the body, and it will flow to the rest of the nation, and that which I have spoken of this nation in times past shall come to pass, even before your very eyes.”

“Therefore, be not afraid, therefore, be not anxious, therefore, be not worried, and listen not, and let not your heart be moved by evil tidings of the things that you even hear of, even in the papers, and that you hear men that have no knowledge of Me speak. For that which I have spoken in ancient times, that which I have purposed in ancient times will come to pass  even in this hour, by My power, by My glory, by the force of spiritual arms. As you continue to make yourself available to Me in prayer; fervent and effectual prayer with meekness and lowliness of heart, I! I! I! The Lord that cannot lie; I the covenant keeping God, I have spoken it, I am doing it, I will accomplish it and My zeal will see to it that it is done,” saith the Lord.