A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 12th of Jan., 2011

Thus saith the Lord, “Arise and shine, for thy light indeed is come.”Yes!,” saith the Spirit, “for those that will walk in this light that has come; this revelation, this knowledge of the keys of My dominion. Yes! Those that will arise and take that light and take the light from their spirit into their soul, and into their body and into their circumstances, and begin to exercise My dominion; dominion, firstly, over sin, dominion over sickness, dominion over poverty, dominion over ignorance, they will shine! And kings will come to your light and Gentiles to the brightness of your rising. Yes!” saith the Spirit of God, “I speak to you, Yea! I challenge you,” saith the Spirit, “that you arise and take the light that has come. Let it not lie dormant in you. Let the light that is in you be not darkness, but let it shine forth. Open the mind, open the will, open the emotions and let the light shine forth. Arise and shine! For thy light is come, the day of My glory is upon you! It is not a far off,” saith the Spirit, “it has come upon you, even in this year of reward.”

“Therefore, be not slack in battle. Let not your hand be weary. Look not at the things that are seen, be not distracted. Turn not to the right or to the left, neither let strife or rebellion, or pride, or the things that the enemy brings, let them not distract you, for your light and My glory is right before you.”

“Therefore, stay on the path of light. Yes! As it has been spoken to you in times past, even in recent times, attend to My words, incline thine ears unto My sayings, and let them not depart from your eyes. Keep them in the midst of thy heart, and they will be life and light to you; medicine to your flesh, medicine to anyone who touches your flesh and you will bring healing unto the nations, and you will bring salvation unto the Gentiles. For the whole world even now is groaning, and they are crying and travailing, waiting for you to show forth the light. And as you manifest this light of glory, they will say “This our God, we have waited for Him.”

“Therefore, I say again, Arise and shine! For thy light indeed has come.”