Surrender all to Rule Magnificently
Prophecy by Olubi Johnson


For I rule in majesty from the heavens. For I would have you look up, for the heavens declare my glory and as you see the sun and stars and the planets move in their orbits with precision, this is the work of my hands, for I am a God of precision, I am a God of order.

Yea! I am a God that rules magnificently and even as I rule magnificently in the heavens, I would rule magnificently in your lives, saith the Lord.

As you will surrender to me, yes, as you put everything even your worldly pleasures and your ambition at the feet of my cross, as you would be crucified unto the world and the world will be crucified unto you, that truly you might walk in freedom.

For there is no man that has left houses or brethren or sisters or mothers or wives or children or lands for my sake and the gospel that in this lifetime will not receive a hundred-fold. For as you surrender all, I will take that which you have surrendered and I will transform it by my power and by my glory and even in this life, you will receive a hundred-fold of that which you have surrendered.

Come! Sit with me in the heavens.

Come! Rule victoriously.

Come! Reign magnificently; for I am a God of splendor, I am a God of magnificence, I am a God of glory and I long and I desire even in this day and in this time to have of my children become my sons that they too will rule magnificently and they too will reign victoriously and the world will see me in them and bow. For unto me shall every knee bow and every tongue will confess that I am the Lord indeed and even in this day will I do this.

Therefore, I ask thee, “Come up hither! Surrender all and rule magnificently.” Saith the Lord.

Fear not! Be not afraid to surrender.

Fear not! Saith the Lord, to go all the way.

For he that seeks to save his life will lose it but he that will lose his life for my sake shall find it. Therefore, fear not, for some fear full and total commitment, some fear and say in their heart “what will happen to me if I fully commit or what would happen to me if I go all the way? Will I not lose some of the things that I treasure?”

Even like the rich young ruler of old, saith the Lord. If you go away sad, you will lose an inheritance and you will lose a destiny.

Fear not! For there is nothing of value upon the earth this time that will not be burned up and that will not be dissolved. For it is only those that put their treasure in me that shall prevail in this time, it is only those who put their treasures in the heavens where moth nor rust doth eat or corrupt that will have their hearts where their treasure is and that truly will stand victorious.

Yes! Remove yourself from the encumbrances of this life and make a full and total commitment. Use the things of this life and let them not use you that you might serve me in fullness and that you might follow me in totality and that you might indeed surrender all, saith the Lord.

For there is coming a time, yea! The hour cometh and now is, in which you will be hated of all nations for my name sake and some will deliver you to tribulation and even some of you they might kill and even some will have their worldly goods confiscated and destroyed. For there cometh even the time of Jacob’s trouble, a time of trouble, a time of difficulty but in it all, saith the Lord, I am working out my purpose to bring forth a perfect church not having spot or blemish or wrinkles. Yea! A church that will not be attached to the things of this world, a church whose heart will not be in the gold or in the silver but whose heart will be with me for have I not said “My son give me thine heart.

Therefore now, saith the Lord, Detach yourselves, detach yourselves in your heart from the things of this life, detach yourself in your heart from the things of this world that you might seek me with single mindedness, that you might follow me with single mindedness even as the Lord Jesus did that you will not turn to the right hand or to the left so that when the difficulties and when the tests and when the tribulations and when the trials come, having done all to stand, indeed you will stand. You will stand, you will stand tall and when the fire comes it will not burn you but it will refine you and when the water come it will not overflow you but in it you will come out on top, yes, you will be head and not tail and you will be above only and not beneath and all the nations of the earth will see that you are call by my name.

And indeed they shall be afraid of thee and they shall come and bow and make supplication unto thee and say, “Surely, Surely, God is in thee.