(week 01/15)

Once again, we wish ALL our readers a victorious, healthy, wealthy and destiny fulfilling New Year in Christ—Pastors Olubi and Sarah Johnson

We declare prophetically 2015 to be a year of GREAT grace and mighty works as we see the emergence of the manifestation of the sons of God as Joel’s army around the season of the total eclipse and blood moons of this year: March-October 2015.

This truth is typified in

Acts 4:16 NKJV: saying, “What shall we do to these men? For, indeed, that a notable miracle has been done through them is evident to all who dwell in Jerusalem, and we cannot deny it.

Acts 4:33 NKJV: And with GREAT POWER the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And GREAT GRACE was upon them all.

What is the PURPOSE of these mighty works?


Acts 19:11-20 NKJV: Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul,  (12) so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.  (13) Then some of the itinerant Jewish exorcists took it upon themselves to call the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits, saying, “We exorcise you by the Jesus whom Paul preaches.”  (14)  Also there were seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, who did so.  (15) And the evil spirit answered and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?”  (16) Then the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, overpowered them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.  (17) This became known both to all Jews and Greeks dwelling in Ephesus; and fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.  (18) And many who had believed came confessing and telling their deeds.  (19) Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver.  (20) So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed.

How then are we to do these mighty works?

John 6:26-29: Jesus answered them and said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, you seek Me, not because you saw the signs, but because you ate of the loaves and were filled.  (27)  Do not labor for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to everlasting life, which the Son of Man will give you, because God the Father has set His seal on Him.”  (28) Then they said to Him, “What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?”  (29) Jesus answered and said to them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

How do we believe in Him? By SPIRITUALLY drinking His blood’ and ‘eating His flesh’ and so receive the life and power of God in such GREAT measure to do GREAT works:

John 6:53-63 NKJV: Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you.  (54)  Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.  (55) For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed.  (56) He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.  (57) As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me.  (58) This is the bread which came down from heaven—not as your fathers ate the manna, and are dead. He who eats this bread will live forever.”  (59) These things He said in the synagogue as He taught in Capernaum.  (60) Therefore many of His disciples, when they heard this, said, “This is a hard saying; who can understand it?”  (61) When Jesus knew in Himself that His disciples complained about this, He said to them, “Does this offend you?  (62) What then if you should see the Son of Man ascend where He was before?  (63) It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

This GREAT measure of the life and power of God flowing out from us by the inherited or borrowed anointing will produce great works as exemplified by:

The Lord Jesus with an inherited anointing without measure in

Luke 6:19 NKJV: And the whole multitude sought to touch Him, for power went out from Him and healed them ALL;

Peter with a borrowed anointing without measure in

Acts 5:15-16 NKJV: so that they brought the sick out into the streets and laid them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might fall on some of them.  (16) Also a multitude gathered from the surrounding cities to Jerusalem, bringing sick people and those who were tormented by unclean spirits, and they were ALL healed.

In our article next week we will see HOW to get grace by AN ATTITUDE OF GREAT HUMILITY AND FASTING.