The Hour of His Glory
Prophecy by Olubi Johnson given on Wednesday, March 6, 2002

For it is the time, of which there has been none like it. A time of My glory covering the earth even as the waters cover the sea. A time in which I will manifest My glory, My wisdom, the riches of My grace to a perverse and crooked generation. A time in which My glory shall shine forth even to the ends of the earth. You have the privilege saith your God; for blessed are your eyes that see these things and blessed are your ears that hear these things; for many prophets and wise men and kings would have desired to see and hear these things, but it has been reserved for this time, it has been reserved for this generation, it has been reserved for this place even beyond the rivers of Ethiopia that you might be spear headers and pioneers of this great move.


I will have thee take heed to the things you have learnt, I will have thee not to let them slip, I will have thee not to turn to the right nor to the left but I will have thee to take heed yea, to thyself and unto the doctrine and continue in them for in so doing shall these things become your portion.

Only do not give up saith the Lord, do not be slothful, do not be like those who could not enter into the promise land because of unbelief but be followers of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises. Follow on through saith your God; follow on through saith your God for the hour is at hand.