A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 27th Oct, 2010

“For My greatness and My power, Yes! My power, Yes! My greatness, Yes! My power is yet to be revealed unto the sons of men. Yes!” saith the Lord, “I have kept the very best for the last. And in this third day and in these closing days of this age, My power will be made manifest throughout all the earth. Throughout, the knowledge of My glory will fill all the earth even as the waters cover the sea and men will see, Yes! They will see the dead raised! They will see men walk on water! They will see the earth stop rotating! They will see oceans split!”

“They will see the greatness of My power. That which is written in the word and even greater than the things that are written in the word shall be done before their very eyes and none will be able to gainsay. Yes! I will arise in My temple and all the earth shall be still. For foolish and ignorant men have said in their hearts: ‘There is no God’ but they will see the manifestation of My Presence: glory and power that cannot be denied. And of their own mouth, they will say: “This is the finger of God, we cannot deny it”. Yes, saith the Spirit, that hour is upon you.”

“Therefore, position yourselves that you might be instruments, vessels of glory. Sanctify! Dedicate! Consecrate! Become vessels of honour and I will use you. I will make you. I will glorify you beyond your wildest dreams or imaginations. For that is My name: Jehovah, the God that is more than enough,” saith the Spirit.