The Day of Glory and Manifestation

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 6th January, 2010

Draw nigh to Me, saith the Spirit, and I will draw nigh unto you. The same glory that raised Jesus from the dead will be made manifest through your words, through your hands, as you lay hands on the sick.

Yes! My presence and My glory will follow you everywhere you go. For you will be carriers of the same. It will go with you to the market place, and it will go with you to the office. It will be with you in the house, in the kitchen, and everywhere you are, My glory will be there. As you come across men that have been bound by the enemy, bound by sickness, bound by sin, bound by oppression, at your word, they will be set free; at your touch, they will be healed.

The day of glory is upon you. Therefore, saith the Spirit,take heed to thyself and unto the doctrine you have been taught. And as you stay in my Word; as I clean you from inside by the Blood, the Word and the Spirit, yes! those things that you have read, those things that you have heard about in times past, will be made manifest in and through you in this hour. The day of your glory, the day of your manifestation has come.

Therefore, saith the Spirit of God, I will have you position yourself; I will have you stay fast and stay where I have placed you: under covering, under the glory, and you will show forth the same glory unto the sons of men in your everyday life. Men will sing for joy, and men will sing and bring the glory to Me at deliverance, at healing, even as they did in the days of Jesus. Men will glorify God and say, For God has given such power unto men. For you will be My battle ax; you will be My instrument.

Yes! saith the Spirit, stay in My presence, live in My presence, drink of My presence. For the day of My glory is upon you, saith the Lord.