Showing off  my friends
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 9th of April 2006

In this day and this hour there is fresh revelation of My love that is been shed abroad by the light of My revelation upon your heart. Yea, a love that will reveal in a new and in a fresh manner what it means to be a friend of God, for I have not called you servants saith the Spirit, but I have called you friends and in this day and in this hour, I will exhibit and I will show to the world what it means to be My friend for you will enjoy uncommon favour, yea you will share in the very secret of Deity. I will open My heart and I will open the treasures of heaven, yea, even the hidden wisdom, the manifold wisdom of God in heavenly places I will release into the earth and you will be recognised, you will be seen as those that are friends of God, and you will be seen as those that God loves and those that God favours because you yourself have loved Me. You have kept My commandment, you have done things that are pleasing in My sight.

Therefore will I manifest Myself unto you. Yea, through you men shall see My love, men shall see what it means to be a friend of God for wisdom, for glory, for power, for riches, for wealth will be given unto you in an unlimited fashion greater than what was given through Solomon in his days yea shall it be in this hour because you love Me and you have become My friends saith the Spirit of God