Proclaim Forth My Glory

Prophecies given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 5th August, 2007

 Proclaim My glory, proclaim My majesty by the manifestation of My glory through you.


For have I not said and is it not written that “behold I and the children that the Lord gave are for signs and wonders in Israel from mount Zion?” Not only will signs follow you, saith the Spirit, but you yourself will become a sign. And men will see God in you and they will come, they will come and behold My glory in you: full of grace and truth as the glory of the first begotten from the dead. For you will follow His footsteps and you will do the works that Jesus did and even greater.



Therefore, saith the Spirit, I will have thee stay close to Me, I will have thee walk with Me, I will have thee acknowledge Me in all of your ways and I will direct your paths and I will take you from faith to faith, from strength to strength, from glory to glory and you shall become a wonder and you shall become a sign and you will be a signpost to heaven and men will come and will say God is in thee and they will say, show us the way, and you will show them that way, even the way of love, and the way of life, you will be a sign that they will follow, and they will follow, and they will follow, and they will follow, and they will follow and they will be brought to the city of the Lord-Jehovah Shammah, even the place where I am, the place where My glory resides and they will come and behold My glory in thee.



Therefore, proclaim, proclaim, proclaim, not just in words, not just in songs, but in deed and in truth, yea, proclaim My glory for you sit with Me, even, saith the Lord, in heavenly places and because you sit in the heavens; let your sitting in the heavens declare My glory to the earth. Let men see My glory in thee, let them proclaim, let them declare that surely, God is in thee. They will come to know Me as I truly am. The Lord God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob that delights in loving-kindness, in righteousness and in justice; In these things do I delight and exercise Myself in the earth.



Therefore, proclaim forth My glory. Saith the Lord