Press into the Holiest of All

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 23rd September, 2007

From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia do My worshippers  bring forth even in this hour, in this day, in this time and even, saith the Spirit, in this place now, an offering and an incense that is pleasing unto Me.


Yes! Saith the Lord, press in, press into the holiest of all and bring Me worship, and bring Me incense, that will please, that will thrill My heart and as this is done, saith the Spirit, I will come down in My glory and I will inhabit the worship of My people, even the worship of them that worship Me and that seek Me in spirit and in truth. And as I come down the cloud of My glory will be made manifest and the fire of My presence will be seen even by those who cannot see, even by those who are not born again. They will see the fire on the roof and they will see the fire in your midst, and they will see the cloud and they will see My glory and all the earth shall know that I am God, the God of Israel, the God who does not change, the God who is the covenant keeping One of Abraham. I am still alive today for the worship and the honor and the incense of My people will bring forth My glory in this hour.



Therefore, live lives that are worthy, live lives that are holy, live lives that will commend My mercy, that will commend My grace in abundant measure and you will begin to see, yes, you will begin to press in. Yes, you will begin to experience the manifestation of My presence and the manifestation of My glory as has never been seen before.



Have I not said, has it not been declared in My Word that My glory shall be revealed and all the flesh shall see it together. This is the day of fulfillment, this is the hour of My presence, this is the hour of My glory, so press into the holiest of all, saith the Lord.



And the veil shall be rent in twain, saith the Spirit, even the veil of the flesh, the veil that covers your mind from My mind, the veil that covers your will from My will, the veil that covers your emotions from My emotions shall be rent in twain by the power of My Spirit. Your mind and My mind will become one, your will and My will will become one, and your emotions and My emotions will become one; and we shall be one indeed, saith the Spirit, even as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One. You will be one in Us, and you will be one with one another and you will speak forth the mind of Christ. Yea, your word will be the Word of Christ.



Hear Me, saith the Spirit, not one word you speak will I allow to drop to the ground. Yes! I will back your word, because your word will become My Word, I will back your will, because your will will become My will, I will back your emotions, because your emotions will become My emotions. You will feel what I feel, you will see what I see, and you will speak what I speak, because we would have become one. Saith the Lord.