Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 25th May 2005.

It is near, even at the doors. The day of My glory and the day of My vengeance is come.

It is very near, even at the doors, therefore, prepare yourself, therefore watch and pray always that that day come not upon you unawares.

For the day and the time is at hand. Therefore, prepare yourself in the Word, prepare yourself by My Spirit, prepare yourself in My love; for it is those that walk in My love, those that walk in My Word and those that move by My Spirit that would be able to stand in the days come.


For is it not written that the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to His temple and who shall abide the day of His presence and who shall stand when He appeareth. Therefore, take unto you the whole armour of love, take unto you the whole armour of love for God is love. That you will be able to stand in this evil day, and having done all to stand; stand, saith the Spirit.


Leave no part open but put on the whole armour of God – the armour of love daily that you may stand when He appeareth