I Am That I Am

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 10th May, 2009

“Like Pharaoh of old, the kings of the earth and the peoples therein shall come to know that name, ‘Am That I Am’. As I sent Moses to Pharaoh, and I brought judgment upon the gods of Egypt; even so now, I will bring judgment upon the gods of this earth and the gods of covetousness and the gods of pride and the gods of rebellion and men that have said, ‘There is no God’ and those that have paid lip-service, whose mouths draw near to Me, but their hearts are far from Me. Yes! Those within and without the Church. Men that have not reverenced Me, men that have not acknowledged Me, men that made light the things of God. They will come like Pharaoh came to know that name – ‘I Am That I Am’

“So, like I sent Moses, I speak to you today and I say, “Arise and take My name that is in your mouth and take My blood and take My Spirit and go forth unto the ends of the earth and declare this Name – ‚’I Am That I Am'”

“Declare My glory, declare My majesty, declare My power, declare My wisdom and let all the earth bow and let all men come and say, ‘Surely God is in thee!’. Surely the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God whose name is ‘I am that I am’ is still alive and active today”

“Yes!” saith the Spirit, “Go forth like Moses went with the rod in his hand, go forth in My love, go forth in My name, go forth in My Word, go forth in My blood, go forth in My Spirit and declare ‘?I Am That I Am‚'” saith the Lord!