“How Great Thou Art!”

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 22nd February, 2009.

“Son of man speak and prophesy unto these people. Say unto them.” You live in the day and in the hour when My glory will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. And this anthem “How Great Thou Art!” shall resound from the ends of the earth, from the North unto the South, unto the East and unto the West. Men shall sing and angels shall chorus, “How Great Thou Art!”

“And they will not speak just from the mind, but they will speak by revelation and they will speak and sing by that which they have seen; for My greatness shall be made manifest through My sons and daughters that will grow to the measure, of the stature, of the fullness of Christ, and will do the works He did and even greater.”

“They will see My greatness in wisdom; and they will see My greatness in love; and they will see My greatness in compassion, and they will see My greatness in justice, and they will see My greatness in every sphere of human endeavour. My greatness will be shown forth in all the earth through My sons and daughters.”

“This is your hour, the hour of the manifestation of the greatness of your God. And men shall sing and men shall rejoice. And the anthem shall resound through out the earth;” “How Great Thou Art!”

“Therefore,” saith the Spirit, “Take your place! Take your place and let not your slot be given to another man. Take your place and secure it, and make your calling and election sure even in this time. For I have chosen, I have designated, I have set you apart to be a first of the first fruits. So, take your place, and you will show forth My greatness in the earth in this hour,‚”saith the Lord!